António Augusto de Aguiar, 11

Located between Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo and the Parque metro station, this building, completed in 1943, is part of a sequence of architecturally harmonious constructions.

It has 6 floors intended for residential use, with a lift. The ground floor is for commercial spaces.

The project was designed by the architect Raul Tojal (1899-1969), who became known for some remarkable works, namely: the Palladium, the Imperium tea room and the Suíça pastry shop, in Lisbon, and the Hotel Algarve in Praia da Rocha. In the 1960s, in collaboration with Manuel Moreira and Carlos Roxo (a group that became known as the “Trio Maravilhas”), he decorated numerous commercial spaces, like the Loja das Meias, in Lisbon (1961).


Raul Tojal (1899-1969)



No. of floors

6 Floors