Predial Ferreira & Filhos Estates

Emblematic properties in the stunning landscapes of the Douro


Predial Ferreira & Filhos manages two properties in the Douro wine region: Quinta dos Frades and Quinta do Castelo

Together with the management of the properties located in Lisbon, these estates, due to their size and beauty, are references in the Douro region. They have been in the hands of the Ferreira family for decades and are part of a beautiful and extensive patrimony.

In recent years, the company has intensified its focus on wine production, namely through the launch of its own brands.

Quinta dos Frades

With over 750 years of history and a unique beauty accompanied by the waters of the river Douro, the Quinta dos Frades covers around 200 hectares and is one of the largest and most beautiful properties in the Douro wine region.

Originally called Quinta da Folgosa, due to its location in the parish of Folgosa, municipality of Armamar, the origins of the Quinta dos Frades date back to the thirteenth century when it was donated to the monks of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas, in 1256.
Administered for centuries by the monks, it was acquired by Delfim Ferreira in 1941, who started a process of rehabilitation, modernising production and leisure infrastructures.

Included in the Demarcations of the Douro, established between 1757 and 1761, as evidenced by the Pombaline mark on the property, the quality of the wine was recognised early on and for decades was produced almost exclusively for other wine companies.

In 2008, the fourth generation of Delfim Ferreira decided to take advantage of the potential of the vineyards, starting a new era in the Estate’s history. The first table wine with the “Quinta dos Frades” brand was produced and the recognition it achieved led to the creation of new own-brand wines, including a special edition dedicated to Commander Delfim Ferreira, and a notable vintage port wine.

Quinta do Castelo

The Quinta do Castelo is set in the demarcated wine region of the Douro, Baixo Corgo, in the municipality of Santa Marta de Penaguião.

The oldest records of Quinta do Castelo date back to the 19th century, where, at the time, the quality of the wine and olive oil produced was already renowned.
Acquired by Delfim Ferreira in 1941, the Quinta do Castelo was gradually expanded in the 1940s and 50s, with the acquisition and annexation of various neighbouring plots, transforming it into one of the largest wine and olive oil producing estates in the region, currently with 43 hectares.

Bucolic and picturesque, the landscape of the Quinta do Castelo is dotted with valleys “painted” with extensive vineyards, with white brushstrokes here and there of the estates and manor houses that characterise this region. The geographic location provides an excellent panoramic view, where we can contemplate this opulent wine-growing area.

Located in the Demarcated Region of the Douro, the Quinta do Castelo currently produces all the white wines of the Quinta dos Frades brand.