Predial Ferreira & Filhos

Buildings with classical architecture and renovated and sophisticated interiors

Predial Ferreira & Filhos was created with the aim of bringing together the vast family estate left by its founder, Delfim Ferreira, responsible for the construction of large buildings in Lisbon and Porto.

Predial Ferreira & Filhos

Currently managed by the fourth generation, the company owns two estates located in the Douro wine-growing region and 13 buildings situated in the capital of the country.

These buildings, located in up-market areas of the city of Lisbon and exclusively intended for rental, include residential, commercial and service properties. In terms of housing, in total, there are around 180 apartments, mostly with areas over 200 m2.

This enormous patrimony makes Predial Ferreira & Filhos one of the main national references in the management of premium quality apartments.

  • Preservation of historic values
  • Modernisation of interiors
  • Enhancing the city
  • Improving your quality of life

Predial Ferreira & Filhos was incorporated on 1 March 1939, by Delfim Ferreira and Sylvia Gomes Ferreira, who owned equal shares of half of the share capital. The remaining half belonged to their children in proportional shares.

At that time, the registered office of the limited liability company was in Riba de Ave, in the municipality of Famalicão. The intention was to acquire rustic and urban buildings for direct or indirect use, as well as any other branch of commerce and industry.

Following the construction of the Palácio do Comércio (Palace of Commerce) building in Porto, Ferreira & Filhos, Limited transferred its registered office to this building, and from 1943 onwards moved to Rua Sá da Bandeira, and has remained there until today.

Predial Ferreira & Filhos Limitada’s assets started to grow in size with the acquisition of two estates in the Douro, the Quinta dos Frades and Quinta do Castelo.

On 7 May 1985 it changed its name to Empresa Predial Ferreira & Filhos, S.A.