Predial Ferreira & Filhos Services

A customer-oriented service of excellence


Our long history of high quality property management means that we have always remained true to our commitment of client orientation, in order to exceed all of their expectations.

The talent, experience and dedication of our entire team allow Predial Ferreira & Filhos to provide our clients with an excellent service.

Continuous, all-round monitoring

  • We are there when choosing the building that best corresponds to the characteristics you are looking for;
  • Building work closely monitored by our architects;
  • Support in all necessary contracts.

Personalisation, sophistication and exclusivity

  • Our refurbishment works correspond to the needs and preferences of our clients;
  • Our purpose is to exceed our clients’ expectations of comfort, elegance and quality of life.

Maintenance team

  • Available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm, this team guarantees the fastest resolution of any anomalous situation, for which we are responsible, during the time of your contract.

Concierge service

  • All of Predial Ferreira & Filhos’ properties have concierge service, restoring a neighbourhood spirit and providing all customers with a sense of communication, trust and safety.